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Max is our main man, he is the most gentle and loving dog we could ever ask for. He has jumped on the trampoline with my kids since they were little. He enjoys water and loves to be sprayed. Hes very smart and listens on command. Very obedient & good boy. He throws the very best tempered dogs.



Summer is our all american girl. She is taller in body and has the longer ears. She comes from a hunting background and her pups will make good hunting/ fetching dogs. Shes oout and about daily bringing up whatever she can. She especially loves to bring rabbits up.  She will be retiring soon. Summer has her OFA Certifications and has Excellent Hip, Elbow & Cardiac.


  -CASH-  Maximus 

Cash is a son from Summer & Max (above) who we thought was just gorgeous, so we had to keep him around. Max will be retiring soon,  So we have raised Cash up to take his place. Another gentle giant, amazing temoermented dog. We like to raise family dogs, so they will not be that overly hyper type.  What perfect way to keep him 

Butterball has her OFA certifications and has a good rating for Hip, Elbow, & Cardiac



Butterball is always smiling. She stands on her hind legs every time she sees us and is so excited to be our very best friend. She likes to give hugs. My kids beg to get butterball out everyday and take her on adventures with them. She is their favorite. She has one of the best personality's you could ever have. 

Butterball has her OFA certifications and has a good rating for Hip, Elbow, & Cardiac


Spec "MR.Spectactular"

Spec is our English Cream Golden Retriever. He has a very stocky build and is very fun loving guy. He is always making us laugh with his sweet personality. He enjoys following the kids around the farm, and laying on the porch napping & getting all th belly rubs. He is weighing in at 75 pounds. Spec has his OFA certifications and has good hips & elbows. Embark tested.



Darla was raised by us and a daughter of "Butterball & Max".  She has medium build, and is oh so sweet.  She has a  very loving and sweet personality like her parents. Darla loves fetch with the kids. Shes a favorite on the farm for sure.


"our hazel eyed girl"

Hazel  loves to be adored! She is the ill stay by your side anywhere you go. Very Loyal. Shes been genetically tested and cleared.  She loves being momma and has that amazing human focus. We carefully select all of our dogs and they are like family to us 

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